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Helping the elderly receive the benefits they need

Many Americans rely on the benefits that the Social Security system provides to support themselves later in life. However, a majority of the applications for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are initially denied. An experienced Social Security attorney can help you appeal that decision and the benefits you need.

The attorneys at McPhillips Shinbaum, LLP help clients navigate through the complexities of the appeals process. They assist clients in filing their initial appeal with the Social Security Administration (SSA). If that appeal is denied, our attorneys provide effective and knowledgeable representation in hearings, interviews and at trial.

You do not pay unless we win

We know that clients who need help securing Social Security benefits cannot afford to pay exorbitant fees. For that reason, our attorneys take these cases on a contingency fee basis. You do not have to pay any fees up front, and we only receive a small percentage of the past-due benefits you are owed by the Social Security Administration when we win.

The Social Security appeals process

There are four stages of the appeals process:


Once your application has been denied, you have the right to file an appeal within 60 days. Our lawyers help you file a request for reconsideration of that decision with Social Security. At this phase, the SSA will review your claim fresh, along with any additional evidence that is submitted.

Our lawyers focus on providing the SSA with the evidence it needs to approve your application. The SSA follows its own set of rules to determine whether applicants are disabled or require additional income. Often, initial applications are denied because they do not provide the SSA with enough evidence to satisfy these rules. Our lawyers make sure that they gather all appropriate evidence for submission to the SSA, including medical records, financial records and any documentation of disability.

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If the SSA denies your claim at reconsideration, you can request a hearing in front of an administrative judge to argue your case. Our lawyers provide effective representation for our clients in these hearings, and have successfully resolved many cases at this stage of the process.

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Review by the Appeals Council

If you are turned down at your hearing, you can review that decision in front of the Social Security Appeals Council. The Appeals Council can decide your case itself, deny your request for review or return it to an administrative judge for further review.

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Federal court review

If you disagree with the Appeals Council’s decision, you can file a lawsuit against Social Security in federal court.

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